Web Explorer 1 - Wednesdays

  • Computer programming
Sep 23 2020
Feb 17 2021
Full course (20 lessons)

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Unit 1 (First 10 lessons)

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This is an intermediate stage course in which students will learn about website development and build a full-fledged website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.

The course is
divided into two units of 10 lessons each. Each lesson will be of 1.5 hours (90
minutes) duration. For this cohort, classes will be held once every week on Wednesdays.

In the first 10 lessons of Unit 1, the students will learn about the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They will understand how all these tools work together to make a full-fledged website. They’ll also get an introduction to JSON.

In the Unit 2 lessons, students will have a deeper understanding of JSON and then they’ll start building their first introductory website. Once it is built, they’ll have a better understanding of how all the different tools work together and will then proceed to build a second advanced game website. 

At the end of this course, they'll be be ready to move into the next course Web Explorer 2.

Students can
register for the full course (all 20 lessons) or for Unit 1 (first 10 lessons)

Class dates

09/23/2020, 09/30/2020, 10/07/2020, 10/14/2020, 10/21/2020, 10/28/2020, 11/04/2020, 11/11/2020, 11/18/2020, 11/25/2020, 12/02/2020, 12/09/2020, 12/16/2020, 01/06/2021, 01/13/2021, 01/20/2021, 01/27/2021, 02/03/2021, 02/10/2021, 02/17/2021


Participants must be entering 5 grade or higher.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 6

Registration period

Registration starts on 08/29/2020 and ends on 09/30/2020.

Location online


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