Minecraft Adventurer 1 - Fridays

  • Computer programming
Sep 25 2020
Feb 19 2021
Full course (20 lessons)

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Unit 1 (First 10 lessons)

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Minecraft is one of the largest computer games platforms in the world. Modding standing for “Modifying”, so Minecraft Modding is simply creating new content for Minecraft by utilizing Java code itself, in order to add additional features to Minecraft. While Minecraft is certainly a rich game on its own, modding is what truly makes Minecraft such a unique game. Its possible to create mods for nearly everything, from new weapons and armor, to flying craft, to fusion reactors, to new monsters, biomes, pretty much anything that can be thought of can be added to Minecraft using mods.

This is an advanced level course for students of Grade 6 and above, who are familiar with at least 1 modern programming language like Python or JavaScript.

The course is
divided into two units of 10 lessons each. Each lesson will be of 1.5 hours (90
minutes) duration. For this cohort, classes will be held once every week on Fridays.

In the first 10 lessons of Unit 1, students will learn primarily on basics of Java programming and its various tools. In Unit 2, students will start to create ‘mods’ by coding in Java and will dive deeper into ‘modding’.

Students can
register for the full course (all 20 lessons) or for Unit 1 (first 10 lessons)

Class dates

09/25/2020, 10/02/2020, 10/09/2020, 10/16/2020, 10/23/2020, 10/30/2020, 11/06/2020, 11/13/2020, 11/20/2020, 11/27/2020, 12/04/2020, 12/11/2020, 12/18/2020, 01/08/2021, 01/15/2021, 01/22/2021, 01/29/2021, 02/05/2021, 02/12/2021, 02/19/2021


Participants must be entering 6 grade or higher.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 6

Registration period

Registration starts on 08/29/2020 and ends on 10/02/2020.

Location online


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